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T backing Your Baby Up

The natural birth way is to have oxygen flowing from your baby directly into your heart. That gentle flow is imperative for your baby’s survival. It’s also imperative for yours, as well. As amazing and delicate as the inner workings of your body are, they’re made primarily of water. Since babies rely on water almost exclusively for their survival, it’s vital that our homes are hydrated as well.

The first medical advice for a new parent in good health is to drink plenty of water. In addition, that most likely applies to everyone. While pushing a baby around a playground, walking the dog, playing in the pool, playing in the field, or utilizing one’s legs on a swing all require a minimum of 2 quarts of water a day. This will help to flush out the system and provide needed hydration. It will help keep your skin moisturized and calm your digestive system.

While being hydrated is important, it’s vital that the water doesn’t contain any allergens or chemicals that can hurt your baby. Many parents feed their children formula that does not contain the right nutrients, and they increase the child’s toxicity levels. During the course of time that the infant is in formula, its content can decrease to unsafe levels, and those dangerous levels can passage the baby to asphyxiation and death.

Breastfeeding mothers need to replace the fluid and salts their little ones lose during this period. Breastfeeding also reduces the mother’s chances for certain types of cancers including endometrial, colorectal, and ovarian. It also won’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that those who breastfeed are less likely to pass that information on to their babies.

Those that are suffering from desperately wanting to feed their baby formula have tried various things. Taking antacid is one alternative. While this option is fine for some people, when your baby is formula fed, the quicker you can replace the thirsty kettle or formula, the better. It is also important to remember that babies do not particularly like the taste of antacids. If you’re concerned about side effects, you should speak to your doctor prior to using any alternative remedy.

The human body runs on water. It cannot sustain function without it. With all the things we do to our body and our environment, it is important to conserve and maintain our hydration levels. The best way to maintain our levels is by increasing our water intake. Much of your average tap water is useless and no good. It is better to use spring water, filtered or untreated, than no water at all. When there is a water shortage, such as we have during the spring and summer months, you can run the risk of serious illness and even death. Worse still are the effects of dehydration. Dehydration in the newborn affects overall well being in a newborn.

The spring water, also called water of life, contains several nutrients that are lacking in our drinking water today. These include zinc, calcium and magnesium. It also contains boron and magnesium essential for strengthening the immune system. The water of life contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium and boron essential for brain function and nerve development. It also has trace minerals such as copper, potassium, selenium and chromium, as well as potassium, calcium, chromium and selenium. The spring water is partially cleaned of chemical pollutants, using grains and minerals as clean as or better than water taken from the ground. The water is also inoculated with beneficial microorganisms for optimal health.

The Benefits of Spring Water

The rising temperature and moisture in spring water directly results in an internal body detoxification process. The high internal body temperature releases hormones that cause blood circulation to poor hunger pangs, increase metabolism, improve mental clarity and focus, decrease fatigue, cure skin ailments, invigorate the nervous system, reduce body and emotional pain, and stimulants for energy.

It also helps your cardiovascular system by stimulating the production of the extracellular water radicles (ECA) and relieving vasodilation depression. Furthermore, the warmth helps increase circulation to the organs, transportation to the organs, and brings the inflamed joints down from their reactive state to a more manageable, neutral state.

efficacy of spring water and dehydration

The spring water though free of dissolved minerals and pollutants acts as a medium for ionization and the generation of electrolytes in the body. These electrolytes circulate throughout the body and are deposited in the cellular fluids. The generation of electrolytes results in alkalization of the body. The presence of minerals and certain elements in the spring water induce a chemical reaction, which in turn eliminates the excess chemicals and toxins from the body.

While drinking spring water, you don’t have to worry about drugs and other synthetic chemicals because they’re not present in the water.